GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

The Harvest Company adheres to FDA regulations for Good Manufacturing Practices for foods. The FDA GMP regulations cover every facet of manufacturing within the categories listed below. (For example, the "personnel" category requires employees to be trained and educated to perform their jobs, and to wear GMP garments and hairnets, and prohibits eating, drinking, and tobacco use in GMP areas.)

  • General Provisions
  • Personnel
  • Plant and Grounds
  • Sanitary Operations
  • Sanitary Facility and Controls
  • Equipment and Utensils
  • Processes and Controls
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Defect Action Levels


Organic Certification

Since 2001, the facilities and AFA Algae Powder have been certified organic according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program standards.

Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd. of Canada performs a thorough annual audit at Klamath Falls facilities. During this time, Pro-Cert representatives review the records and processes, and inspect the facilities as well as the Upper Klamath Lake watershed.

So the AFA Algae Powder in all our products ist organic-certified in USA.


Halal Certification

Halal is an Arabic word meaning 'lawful or permitted.'

The internationally respected Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) developed a documented procedure for producing halal products that assures methodical cleanliness and consistency throughout the production process.

IFANCA inspected the facilities and processes, including equipment, ingredients, cleaning procedures, and records. So the AFA Algae Powder in all our products is halal-certified.


Kosher Certification

Star-K of Baltimore, Maryland, certifies facilities and products to kosher standards.

A representative from Star-K inspects the facilities and products, and reviews the documentation annually.

So the AFA Algae Powder in all our products is kosher-certified.


Quality Assurance Program

The Quality Assurance program is comprehensive and is designed to ensure high-quality finished products. The program involves not only every phase of providing our organic microalgae to customers, but also the testing and review of components and ingredients from any of the suppliers.

Quality Assurance for Harvesting and Processing

  • Pre-harvest scouting involves collecting algae samples from potential harvest locations. Samples are taken for testing to the in-house laboratory or to a field laboratory on the Lake harvester.
  • Pre-harvest tests include microscopic analysis to determine the species of algae present, biomass evaluation to determine the amount of algae present, and purity testing of the algae.
  • When conditions are optimal, the harvesting begins.
  • Post-harvest analysis involves microscopic in-house testing to verify the purity of each batch that is harvested and to ensure the state guidelines. Chlorophyll testing, as well as other pigment testing, further ascertains the quality of the algae.
  • Post-harvest independent testing is also crucial. Each harvest season they send samples of each batch of algae to world-renowned algae scientists for independent testing. This independent testing serves as the official test results.


Allergens & GVO

  • The AFA algae powder is free from gluten, wheat, dairy products, soya and all forms of genetic manipulation.