Powder and Capsules – Our purely natural product components

All our products are manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards. Any component is certified in its home country and registered with the competent authorities in Germany, France or the USA.

The AFA algae powder in our capsules is a purely natural product.
The algae are harvested carefully, dried and ground at the Upper-Klamath-Lake in Oregon, and no additives are added. The AFA algae powder is free from gluten, wheat, dairy products, soya and all forms of genetic manipulation.

Our capsules in which the AFA algae powder is administered, are purely herbal and are therefore recognized as vegetarian. Also in accordance with the Islamic and Jewish dietary laws they are considered halal and kosher and thus may be used by Muslims and Jews. The capsules consist of only two components without any gelling agent and additives:

  • HPMC (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), a plant-based cellulose
  • Water